More Information:

Special Occasion Yoga:

Want more self-care in your life? Why not throw a party for a birthday or wedding or baby shower while relaxing and having fun?!


This is a private event for a small group of people you invite. We will be performing easy activities such a chocolate meditation.

Yoga/Energy Healing Workshop:

A customized workshop for small groups, fairs or corporations that can include a speaking and/or performance on the subjects of: yoga, energy or subtle body healing, and complementary and alternative health.

Yoga as Therapy: 

Private 1:1 sessions are available. We will customize a specific program based upon an in-depth evaluation of your needs and goals. The length of sessions varies from one to on-going. Find out how you can find balance and health at your optimum level through this multi-dimensional holistic approach!

Release Yoga Class:

The Release class is a vinyasa or flow style class that targets specific muscles and uses essential oils to relieve physical, mental and emotional stress; adaptions and modifications are offered, as needed.


Anyone 16+ years old and older is welcome. This class is an hour and fifteen minutes. Bring your mat and a blanket, and a block or egg if you have it.

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